Thank you FHAF Committee Chairs for your continued volunteered support, hard work, and efforts to make this festival possible.

Festival Chair
Megan Nobbs

Festival Co-Chair
Joseph Briscoe

Volunteer Committee
Joel Rasmussen, John Gorman, Susan Beehler

Brewery Committee
Spencer Klein, Karl Vanevenhoven

VIP Committee
Darby Grimes, Nicol Sloon, Shannon Couette

Merch Committee
Darren Stankey, Michael Torell, Enrique Guzman

Marketing Committee
Ryan Messer

Judging Chair
Derry Jefferis

Food Vendor Chair
Yvette Lippert

Music/Announcing Chair
Randy Beehler

Golf Committee
Chanda and Kevin Anderson

Home Brew Committee
Tessa Schilaty and Jeremy Wattenber